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Our Annual Reports

  • Annual Report 2017 [PDF]
  • Annual Report 2016 [PDF]
  • Annual Report 2015 [PDF]
  • Annual Report 2013-2014 [PDF]


icon Wildlife in Nakai-Nam Theun NPA and Laos

  • Coudrat CNZ, Nanthavong C, Ngoprasert D, Suwanwaree P, Savini T. 2015. Singing Patterns of White-Cheeked Gibbons (Nomascus sp.) in the Annamite Mountains of Laos. International Journal of Primatology 36:691–706. [PDF]
  • Coudrat, C.N.Z., Nanthavong, C., Sayavong, S., Johnson, A., Johnston, J. and Robichaud, W.G. 2014. Low abundance of small medium-sized wild cat species in large primary forests: a case study of Nakai-Nam Theun National Protected Area, Lao PDR. IUCN/SSC Cat News. Special Issue 8: 45-52. [PDF]
  • Coudrat, C.N.Z., Nanthavong, C., Sayavong, S., Johnson, A., Johnston, J. and Robichaud, W.G. 2014. Conservation importance of Nakai-Nam Theun National Protected Area, Laos, for small carnivores, based on camera trap data. Raffle Bulletin of Zoology 62: 31-49. [PDF]
  • Coudrat, C.N.Z. and Nanthavong, C. 2013. A confirmed record of large-toothed ferret badger Melogale personata from central Laos suggesting syntopy with small-toothed ferret badger Melogale Moschata. Small Carnivore Conservation 49: 48-50. [PDF]
  • Coudrat, C.N.Z., Nekaris, K.A.I. and Nanthavong, C. 2013. The world?s largest population of P. nemaeus in Laos: combining distance sampling and habitat suitability modelling to estimate their density: implications for their conservation. Oryx doi:10.1017/S0030605313000124. [PDF]
  • Coudrat, C.N.Z. and Nekaris, K.A.I. 2013. Modelling the niche differentiation of co-existing, elusive and look-alike species: a case study of four macaque species in Nakai-Nam Theun National Protected Area, Laos. Animals 3: 45-62. [PDF]
  • Coudrat, C.N.Z., Duckworth, J. W. and Timmins R. J. 2012. Distribution and conservation status of the red-shanked douc monkey (Pygathrix nemaeus) in Lao PDR: an update. American Journal of Primatology 74: 874?889. [PDF]

icon Wildlife in other parts of the world

  • Coudrat CNZ, Nanthavong C. 2016. First record of Fairy Pitta Pitta nympha for Lao PDR. Birding Asia 25:112. [PDF]
  • Voskamp, A., Rode, E.J., Coudrat, C.N.Z., Abinawanto, W., Wilson, R.J. and Nekaris, K.A.I. 2014. Modelling the habitat use and distribution of the threatened Javan slow loris Nycticebus javanicus. Endangered Species Research 23: 277-286. [PDF]
  • Coudrat, C.N.Z. 2014. Book Review: Primate Ecology and Conservation ? A Handbook of Techniques (Eds. Sterling, E.J., Bynum, N., Blair, M.E.). Folia Primatologica 85: 19-20. [PDF]
  • Moody, J., Dara, A., Coudrat, C.N.Z., Evans, T., Gray, T., Maltby, M., Soriyun, M., Hor, N.M., Kelly, H., Bunnat, P., Channa, P., Pollard, E., Rainey, H., Rawson, B., Chansocheat, S., Setha, T., Sokha, T., 2011. A summary of the conservation status, taxonomic assignment and distribution of the Indochinese silvered langur Trachypithecus germaini (sensu lato) in Cambodia. Asian Primates Journal 2: 21?28. [PDF]
  • Coudrat, C.N.Z., Rogers, L.D. and Nekaris, K.A.I. 2011. Abundance of primates reveals Samkos Wildlife Sanctuary, Cardamom Mountains, Southwest Cambodia as a priority area for their conservation. Oryx 45: 427-434. [PDF]

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